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If you are thinking of taking up bowling for the very first time, you will have many questions to ask and the the information provided below will hopefully be of assistance.

We also welcome experienced bowlers to join the Club



Behind the Scenes
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How Do I Join?

Come along to our Open Day held in May each year, attend any of our coaching sessions or contact our Secretary for more information.  Once you are sure that bowls suits you simply complete an Application form which is available on request.

What Equipment do I need?

All the equipment you initially need is available at the club but a pair of flat soled sport shoes i.e. without ridges, would be helpful.  You can try a range of bowls (each vary in size and line) to see which suits you best before you explore purchasing a set of bowls of your own. 

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Is Coaching Available?

 Yes, our qualified coaches hold free coaching sessions from May onwards on each Monday and Saturday morning from 11am.  After attending four coaching sessions you will be able to decide whether you wish to join the Club.

How much does it cost?

Our current annual subscription fee is £110 per year, but new members are given a significant discount in their first year of joining the Club.  A Club shirt is also provided within the fee to all new members.  A ‘rink fee’ of £2.50 is charged for each match you play representing the Club. 

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How often can I play?

The Club is open for play between mid-April and the end of September. The Club plays a range of league and friendly matches against opposing teams.  We also have Club Night each Monday evening where you can enjoy a friendly game in a more social setting.  Once a member, you have unlimited access to the Green for a ‘roll up’.  We also have a range of internal competitions.  Each member is provided with a set of Club keys.

Do you hold any Social events?

Yes, we hold a Coffee Morning on the first Wednesday morning of each month throughout the year.  We also hold annual BBQ in support of our Captains’ Charity and aim to host a social event each month during the closed season.  These take the form of quizzes, bingo, beetle drives or entertainment events including our popular Christmas Party.



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